Councilmember Mike Donovan

Key Accomplishments ​2016-2024

Historic Preservation

Member of Council subcommittee which proposed changes to the Coronado Historic Preservation Program and Ordinance to make the designation process more efficient and to better incentivize homeowners to seek historic designation. The Council unanimously approved subcommittee proposal, with the exception of one element. As a result of these changes, the City was able to clear a five-year backlog for 29 homeowners, who had been waiting for final Mills Act approval and the associated reductions in property tax.

Community Grants

Member of Council subcommittee which developed a policy for the Community Grant Program. The policy included a process for determining overall grant budget; established eligibility requirements; created a grant application form and weighted evaluation criteria; and defined a process for independent review and scoring of applications. The Council unanimously approved subcommittee proposal.

Capital Improvement Project (CIP)

Member of Council subcommittee to prioritize proposed infrastructure, facilities, and transportation projects for final approval by City Council.

Coronado Municipal Golf Course

Member of Council subcommittee to select a food concessionaire for the golf course. Identified City/Community priorities and preferences and established quantifiable system to measure each candidate against the others based on professional credentials and experience.

Naval Complexes Coordinating Group

Chair of this group with membership of senior Navy and City leadership, meeting monthly in a public meeting to maintain and improve Navy and City collaboration.

Traffic Calming

Contributed to the development of a traffic calming addendum to be added to the Active Transportation Plan and gained Council approval to combine the Transportation Commission and Bicycle Advisory Committee for a more coordinated and integrated operation, with the goal of developing a Traffic Calming Master Plan. Work in progress with the Mobility Commission.

Beach Sand Replenishment

Gained SANDAG approval to include Coronado bay-side beaches, including Grand Caribe Isle, in current beach health study in progress.

San Diego Port Master Plan

Worked with Port on its master plan to ensure resident-favorable results in Coronado with regard to the Ferry Landing, Golf Course, and Grand Caribe Isle. Member of the Grand Caribe Task Force, which was instrumental in getting the designation of North Grand Caribe Isle changed to “Recreation, Open Space,” precluding further commercial development.

Development Impact Fees

Advocated for and gained Council approval to review and update development fees to ensure developers pay their fair share on infrastructure and city service costs tied to new development, a policy which had not been updated for more than 25 years.

Tijuana River Cross-Border Sewage

Supported strategy for financial support of lawsuit against federal government by other entities and the lobbying of key agencies as part of a coalition, leading to identification of infrastructure improvements and $300M+ funding that will greatly reduce sewage discharge into the Pacific Ocean. Additional funding has been promised from Mexico and requested from the U.S. Federal Government. Requests for Proposals have been issued for initial projects.

Cays Park Master Plan

After comprehensive public participation, approved a park configuration for Cays Park to convert 25% of the programmed sports field area to passive park amenities. Provided input to city staff and the park designer to come back with a draft proposed layout for further public review and comment.

Regional Housing Needs Allocation

Supported fellow council members, SANDAG, and city staff in developing a General Plan Housing Element update to meet complex, California-mandated rules and requirements to achieve a state-approved plan.

Orange Avenue Business District Update

Supported effort to develop program for improvements to the Coronado business district in cooperation with Discover Coronado, the Coronado Chamber of Commerce, and Coronado MainStreet.

Climate Action Plan

Supported and approved Coronado Climate Action plan and prioritized implementation plan, which is being executed.

Sea Level Rise

Supported and approved Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation plan, along with an ongoing monitoring plan for possible future action items.

Zero-Emission Public Transportation

Approved 6-month pilot program, to start in March 2024, for free/low-cost zero-emissions transportation in Coronado Village and Cays.


Advocated for city actions for reopening within San Diego County health directives. City established COVID testing and vaccination sites.

Local Business Support During COVID

Supported the zero-interest, City Lifeline Business Loan program and proposed extending the program and increasing the maximum loan amount for every participating business. Extended restaurant use of parking areas for outdoor dining, in keeping with state guidelines.

Tennis and Pickleball Facilities

Reached compromise to convert two Cays tennis courts to eight pickleball courts and add one more tennis court in the Cays Park Master Plan.


Approved and implemented program of education and enforcement for e-bike safety.