Mike Donovan

United States Navy


Completed 30-year career as a United States Navy Officer, both on active duty and in the naval reserves, retiring as a Captain (O-6).


October 1983-June 2004

Served as Commanding Officer of three Reserve units and Executive Officer of two Reserve units.


Head Systems Engineer, Ship Design Division
Naval Sea Systems Command
October 1981-October 1983

Managed a group of 16 engineers for the design of a new destroyer, the Arleigh Burke Class (DDG 51 Class), conducting engineering tradeoff studies on the integration of advanced technologies into the ship.

Principle Assistant to Chief Engineer, USN
USS Long Beach (CGN 9)
USS Bainbridge (CGN 25)
January 1977-October 1981

Served in two nuclear-powered cruisers, responsible for the operation and maintenance of reactor plant equipment; supervised a crew of 65.

Naval Nuclear Propulsion Training
November 1975-November 1976

Completed graduate-level studies in advanced math; heat transfer; fluids; electrical engineering; material science; nuclear reactor plant theory; and plant operation. In 1979, certified for assignment as Chief Engineering Officer on U.S. Navy nuclear-powered ships.